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Meet Taylor

Hi, I’m Taylor!


I'm based here in Loveland, Colorado. I travel to shoot weddings on the East Coast whenever I can help fellow photographer, Samantha Bruton.

Your level of trust in the person behind the lens is so important; not only to me but to the product that will be your wedding album.

That's why I focus on what YOU as a couple have to say from right where you are...on your most special day.

And of course, everyone is different!

It takes a level of trust to book a wedding vendor and a solid relationship from the get-go. That's why, when the Big Day finally comes, pictures won't be on your mind.

I "went pro" in college, spending hunting outings finding light and focus with my digital camera. I followed quail hunters and their dogs, trudging acres of property and practiced snapping those split-second moments when the bird is still ascending out of the grass.

My wedding photography can be informed somewhat by lessons I learned both in film and as a Sporting and Adventure Photographer.

I am fiercely driven and meticulous with my deliverables to clients. Reach out for a full list of our offerings and add-on items!

I think we're going to be a great fit. Thanks for being here!

Let’s Work Together

Headquarters: Loveland, CO

Tel: 720-630-3597

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